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Smart Meters

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The way we measure and pay for gas and electricity hasn’t kept up to speed with improvements across almost every other area of our lives. Smart meters will enable a more efficient, greener, smarter energy system. 

What Is A Smart Meter?

Smart meters measure how much gas and electricity you’re using, as well as what it’s costing you. With a smart meter you can wave goodbye to complicated meter readings. The smart meter shows a digital meter reading and automatically sends the reading to your energy supplier at least once a month, so you will receive accurate, not estimated bills.

What Are The Benefits?

Once your meters are connected you don’t need to send meter readings manually and you’ll receive accurate bills. This means you’ll only pay for the energy you use. Having a smart meter installed also enables the national grid to see how much energy is being used. Using the information enables them to balance the grid and use the power generated more efficiently. This has a positive impact on the energy we use and makes a global difference to save the enviroment

Do I Have To Have A Smart Meter?

By the end of 2020, around 53 million smart meters will be fitted in over 30 million premises (households and businesses) across Wales, Scotland and England. The programme is already underway. More than 12 million smart meters have now been installed. This is the biggest national infrastructure project in our lifetimes and it will enable a more energy efficient system for Great Britain. Some larger meters maybe charged depending on the type of meter and profile class.

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