Our goal is to purchase 100% Green Energy for 100% of our clients.


How Green are suppliers?

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Just how green are suppliers ? Fuel Mix indicates the different types of generating sources used to supply electricity. Different fuel types cause different amounts of CO2 to be released into the atmosphere and Carbon Intensity indicates the level of CO2 per unit of electricity resulting from any fuel mix. Below is a list of suppliers and there proportion of renewable fuel mix. 

The Big 6

The UK energy market is dominated by ” Big 6″ the six major suppliers who together control 77% and 76% of the electricity and gas markets.

British Gas0%
Edf Energy0%
Eon Energy0%
N Power0%
Scottish Power0%

100% Green Energy Suppliers

Good Energy0%
Green Energy UK0%
Pozitive Energy0%

Other Commercial Suppliers

Crown Gas & Power0%
Dual Energy0%
Haven Power0%
Total Gas & Power0%
Yu Energy0%