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Please find below a selection of questions that we’re frequently asked by our clients, covering a range of topics. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for you can always contact us.

Account Management

What Is A Letter Of Authority (LOA)?

A letter of authority is a document that enables a broker / consultant to obtain information from suppliers, such as usage, prices and contract information. It also allows them to secure contracts on the customers behalf and terminate contracts.

Do I Need To Sign A Letter Of Authority ?

Yes we always require a signed LOA and cannot provide a price without a letter of authority. We also see this as a commitment from the client, allowing us to offer the best service possible. 

Bill Validation

Some businesses prefer us to validate the bills on their behalf. Making sure the rates and usage are correct before payment. As a result, overcharging and high estimated bills no longer happen. This service may incur an additional charge from Energy Smart. However, we would discuss and agree this with you prior to carrying out any work.

KVA Management

All sites with a half-hourly meter have a kVA allowance. This is the level of power reserved from the network to guarantee provision to your site. This allowance is itemised on your bill as a capacity charge. We can ensure your level is set correctly so that you are not paying for more capacity than you actually need. Likewise we will make sure you are not being charged higher rates for using more than your allocation.

Monthly Market Reports

Monthly market reports keep you up to date with changing trends and prices. 

Find out more about our data and market analysis services.

Demand Side Response

Demand Side Response (DSR) is a smart way to save on total energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. This is done by helping to balance the grid through redirecting unused supply previously allocated.


ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria. The Environment Agency is the UK scheme administrator. Organisations that qualify for ESOS must carry out ESOSassessments every 4 years.

We can help you through the process of complying with the government legislation regarding ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme).

Energy Purchasing

Bespoke Purchasing Strategy

We make it our priority to understand the needs of our clients’ businesses and create a purchasing strategy that meets those needs. By undertaking periodic reviews with our clients, we are able to better understand the changing needs of their business. We then reflect those needs in a tailored energy plan. We will also undertake tariff analysis of your current contractual arrangements against the future needs of your business.

Group Purchasing

A group purchasing program gives individual clients improved purchasing power. This enables them to receive a better wholesale market price for their energy while also receiving a wider range of services from the supplier. Being part of a group like this can also provide benefits such as negotiating 100% Green Energy contracts at a cost neutral rate compared to Brown Energy. As a result  Corporate Social Responsibility is improved.

Learn more about our group purchasing program – Energy Smart: Together

What Is A Pass-Through Contract?

Pass-Through contracts have a fixed price for the wholesale energy. However, any third party charges from the government are passed straight through to the customer. Suppliers pass the charges on instead of building them into the unit rate. These contracts can be cheaper than a fully fixed contract but carry the risk of charges increasing and the overall price going up.

Fully Fixed Contracts

Fully-Fixed energy contracts  offer customers absolute budget certainty. All government and third party charges are built into the unit rate which remains the same throughout the length of the contract. This offers a level of security and certainty to clients who like to budget in advance.

Blend and Extend

Some Energy Suppliers offer contracts that can have an element of flexibility. Once the contract has started and been live for the required initial period we can ask for a “Blend and Extend Price“ should the energy market see a significant decrease. Increasing the length of a contract by another 12 or 24 months in these circumstances means we can secure cheaper prices. This allows the client to benefit from a falling market.

Green Energy Tariffs

Green electricity is electricity produced from sources which do not have a negative impact on the environment. The cleanest energy sources are those which utilise the natural energy flows of the Earth. The most popular renewable energy sources are currently wind, solar and water. 

Learn more about Going Green.

Reverse Auction

Suppliers use the “best price ” as a bench mark and filter out the top suppliers on price and terms . Each supplier then has an opportunity to view an online auction and interaction with the quoting process. Suppliers bid for the business rather than energy brokers/consultants.

Smart Meters

What Is A Smart Meter?

A smart meter will measure your gas and electricity usage in the same way that traditional meters do but the main difference is that they digitally send your meter readings direct to your energy supplier. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Smart Meter?

Once your meters are connected you don’t need to send meter readings manually and you’ll receive accurate bills. This means you’ll only pay for the energy you use.

Do I Have To Have A Smart Meter?

By the end of 2020, around 53 million smart meters will be fitted in over 30 million premises (households and businesses) across Wales, Scotland and England. The programme is already underway. More than 12 million smart meters have now been installed. This is the biggest national infrastructure project in our lifetimes and it will enable a more energy efficient system for Great Britain. Some larger meters maybe charged depending on the type of meter and profile class.

Smart Grid

Having a smart meter installed enables the national grid to see how much energy is being used. Using the information enables them to balance the grid and use the power generated more efficiently. 

Can All Suppliers Read My Meter?

Historically some suppliers haven’t been able to view the data on some meters. Part of the roll out is making sure smart meters are visible to all meter operators and suppliers.  

Smart Meter Installation

We can organise Smart Meter installation at your premises. Installation will be carried out by one of our trusted partners. The benefits of a Smart Meter include accurate billing, access to usage data and automatic meter readings.

Learn more about Smart Meters.

Do you have a complaint?

Complaint Procedure

Customer service is always our priority so if something does go wrong and you feel that you want to make a complaint about our services or the service of a supplier, we will be fully committed to fixing it as efficiently as possible. 

What is the complaint process?

1. If your complaint is made by email or post, we will be in touch within one working day to confirm it’s been received and that we’re working on it.

2. Whatever the complaint, we will log the complaint and keep you updated every step of the way. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of your complaint straight away and we aim to resolve any complaint within seven working days.
3. If the problem is with a supplier and isn’t resolved within seven working days, we will need to log an official complaint with the energy supplier. Complaints could take up to 8 weeks to resolve, after that period if the supplier still hasn’t resolved the complaint, we will need to contact the Energy Ombudsman.
4. If we need to contact the Energy Ombudsman, a full detailed letter will be emailed to them and you will receive a copy of the letter. We will then work the Ombudsman to find a quick resolution.

How to make a complaint

Please contact us on the below details with a full description of the complaint.
Phone – 01952 897437 (lines open between 9am & 4.30pm Monday to Friday).
Email – info@energysmartconsultancy.co.uk
Post – Energy Smart Consultancy Ltd, High Street, Coalport, Shropshire, TF8 7HT. 

Alternatively you may prefer to contact the Energy Ombudsmon directly

Complain Now | Ombudsman Services (ombudsman-services.org)

Energy Ombudsmon

Please contact the energy ombudsmon on the below details with a full description of the complaint.
Complain Now | Ombudsman Services (ombudsman-services.org)