Our goal is to purchase 100% Green Energy for 100% of our clients.


Energy Management

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energy management

World events, supply and demand, energy storage, fluctuating transportation costs and more can all effect the price of energy. Our team have the expertise to monitor the marketplace, acquiring the very best intelligence, enabling us to advise you of the ideal time to purchase your energy. We can also use your energy data to develop a strategy to reduce your carbon footprint.

Customers Switched To A Renewable tariff
Customers with a 100% renewable supplier
Customers switched to a green tariff
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Energy Management

We can provide bespoke usage reporting by capturing data from gas, electricity and water smart meters and present them within a single dashboard. This provides a whole picture covering consumption for each utility, bringing consumption data to life. Energy management systems can also provide metering, sub metering, and monitoring functions. Enabling businesses to gather data and insight that will allow them to make more informed decisions about energy activities across their sites.

Account Management

Having access to usage and costing is crucial for any business. Have access to all contract information, including unit prices , annual usage and spend. Our online customer portal enables businesses to manage their energy contracts and spend more efficiently. You can also keep track of contract end dates and contract information, including up to date information on market trends and industry news.

Energy Recovery Audits

Our energy Cost Recovery Audit involves an audit of historical and current Electricity & Gas billing data (typically 6 years of data). We’ll identify all cost recovery opportunities, ongoing savings and undercharges and then handle all refunds from suppliers and third parties on your behalf. Charges, including : Available Capacity, DUoS, Climate Change Levy , Feed In Tariff,TNUoS

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