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Complaint Procedure

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Complaint Procedure

Customer service is always our priority so if something does go wrong and you feel that you want to make a complaint about our services or the service of a supplier, we will be fully committed to fixing it as efficiently as possible. Thats why we have signed up to the new Energy Ombudsman services complaint procedure to be sure our customers will be looked after properly in the event of a problem that needs rectifiying.


Below you’ll find all the information you need about making a complaint, including how to contact us and how we find a resolution.

What’s happened?
If you’re unhappy with the service you’ve received from Energy Smart, either you feel you are not getting the level of service from a supplier or us as a business or one of our employees, let us know and we’ll look into it straight away.

What is the complaint process?

1. When you’re ready to start your complaint you’ll be asked to share details of your problem, evidence and some personal information, which we’ll use to assess the situation. It’s important to give us as much information as possible, so we don’t have to keep coming back to you.
When it comes to the evidence we’ll ask you to provide things like,
Dates you first noticed the issue and complained to the company. Any copies of correspondence or details of phone calls. Such as dates, times and names of the members of staff you spoke to. Any other evidence that demonstrates the issue. We won’t be able to process the case without this.
If your complaint is made by email or post, we will be in touch within one working day to confirm it’s been received and that we’re working on it.

2. Whatever the complaint, we will log the complaint and keep you updated every step of the way. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of your complaint straight away and we aim to resolve any complaint within seven working days.

3. The problem maybe with the supplier or ourselves and isn’t resolved within seven working days, we will need to log an official complaint with the energy supplier or look into how we can rectify the issue. Complaints could take up to 8 weeks to resolve, Your energy provider or broker/consultant might reach a decision on your complaint at any time prior to the eight weeks. If they do, they’ll send you a ‘deadlock letter’. This normally contains a final offer and contact details on the Energy Ombudsman. At this point you’ll need to decide if you think their response is reasonable and will solve your problem. If it isn’t and you are a micro business you can then contact the Energy Ombudsman.

4. If we need to contact the Energy Ombudsman, a full detailed letter will be emailed to them and you will receive a copy of the letter. We will then work the Ombudsman to find a quick resolution. When they have processed your complaint, they will pass the details to your provider. Once they have presented your case, the provider will acknowledge that it’s let a customer down and will make an offer of resolution. If you are happy to a accept, it can lead to an early resolution.

5. If you are classed as a micro business, The Ombudsman services are free and they will help to work with you/us and supplier to find a resolution

How to get in touch with us?
Please contact us on the below details with a full description of the complaint.
Phone – 01952 897437 (lines open between 9am & 4.30pm Monday to Friday).
Email – info@energysmartconsultancy.co.uk
Post – Energy Smart Consultancy Ltd, High Street, Coalport, Shropshire, TF8 7HT

You can also contact the Ombudsman Services on the below:
Post: Ombudsman Services: Energy, P.O. Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF
Phone: 0330 440 1624
Email: enquiry@ombudsman-services.org